Event Management

We plan, design, and set up unique events for you.


Liachi Media has a fully capable, self-sufficient, and dedicated team for creating dream weddings. We offer customized holistic solutions creating
unparallel experiences. Our wedding events are a representation of our client’s lifestyles and personalities.

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Liachi Media brings to the fore its expertise and finesse in creating theme-based birthday events. Our client’s concerns, needs, and wishes are our priority and we understand the importance of the date for our client.

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DJ Nights

Though we offer many amazing services, our pièce de résistance is our event DJing. Our job isn’t just to play music. Our job is to create experiences. And we’ve excelled in providing top-of-the-line music and the best experiences for events of all sizes. No one should have to worry if their DJ will be able to rock the house.

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Corporate Events

Corporate events have unique needs that typical coordinators do not get to experience while planning social parties, such as branding. When planning
a corporate event, planners often need to include the logistics of managing hundreds, if not thousands of people. Unlike social parties with family and
friends, these guests have an extensive range of interests, cultures, tastes, and specialty needs to account for. Blending a variety of food/entertainment
options to please the guest list of a corporate event is very different from selecting a menu/movie for the family

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Fashion Shows

We are Expert in show event services. Liachi Media is one of the best Fashion Shows services providers. If we are talking about the concept of Models, Stages, and Hosting any service related to Fashion Shows Liachi media will be the best out of thousand event companies. The pageant beauties walking down the stages with beautifully designed clothes is what a general fashion show really is. But when we organize a fashion show, it will leave the audience mesmerized with every eye watching the ramp. Our themed fashion shows are unparalleled and are also a premium event for you and others to enjoy.

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Brand Promotions

In today’s competitive world it’s important to put your best foot forward. Your business should be highly visible and always presented in the best light possible. When it comes to showcasing your brand at your next corporate event, Liachi Media has you covered. As one of the top event planning companies, we realize the importance of a successful branding and promotion campaign. Our experienced event designers want to learn about your product or company so that they can help you show it off in style. Contact us to speak with them today

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Product Launch

A product launch is your opportunity to show the whole world what you’ve been working on. Make it count by throwing the best product launch party of the year. You can impress potential customers and investors alike by pulling out all the stops with Liachi Media. Show everyone that your new product is exactly what they’ve always been looking for, even if they didn’t know it before. It doesn’t even matter what your new product is. With our event team planning your product launch party, people will want to buy what you’re selling. Contact us before your competitor does!

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Musical Nights

When you're looking for an event that's a real crowd-pleaser, it's tough to go wrong with music. It spans cultures, ages, and tastes, and you've got a lot of options in terms of event size, style, and budget. Basically, if you've got a crowd, or you hope to, music is a pretty sure bet. Not that it's the easiest type of event to coordinate. A concert can come with multiple elements to coordinate and endless possibilities to plan ahead for. With our event team planning your musical party event, people will buy what you’re marketing them about your musical event. Contact us before your competitor does!

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Let us make your special day an event of your lifetime using our digital eye.

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