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We believe in building memories that span the eternity of creation and we are good at creating great content, photography, videography, and event management services.

Make memories that last a lifetime

Welcome to the world of memories i.e, Liachi Media. We are an event management and content creation company that offers event organizing, photography, videography, and content creation services. We are a close-knit community of organizers and artistic brains that give you. We design, plan, and manage every project from vision to enactment. Our team of professionals understands the value of breakthrough ideas and molds your living moments into memories. Liachi Media offers a wide range of event management services like DJ parties, Holi Events, birthday parties,
photography, videography, and pre & post-production content creation at a much affordable cost, feasibility, and flexibility, with the customized option.

Liachi Media has countless hours of event management, photography, and videography that take your special day to new heights. We are the one-stop solution that renders everything that your event requires, we got you covered from head to toe. We believe in treasuring the uniqueness of your moment.

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Let us make your special day an event of your lifetime using our digital eye.

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